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I am James D. Forrester, and this is my little corner of the Web; there are many sites like it, but this is mine.

I’m a British techy/coder/politco/management geek living in San Francisco, where I have the pleasure of working for the Wikimedia Foundation as the Product Manager of VisualEditor, our project to create the best open source HTML editor out there and make it available for all in every language we can. Paired with Parsoid, our new two-way parser for MediaWiki’s wikitext syntax, this lets people edit Wikipedia (and other MediaWiki wikis) in a rich editor, obviating the need to learn the complex hieroglyphics of our 20th Century syntax.

I used to work for the British civil service where  (amongst other things) I helped found, and I maintain a strong interest in all things Open Government as well as Open Content in general.

Comments are my own, as you might imagine, though there aren’t any of them here yet; you might find some things of interest on my Twitter feed, which is rather more active.

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